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keep-calm-it-s-only-an-extra-chromosome-10A lot of people are not sure what it means when I tell them my daughter has Down Syndrome.  The first question is usually how severe is it?  First of all, let me say, my daughter HAS Down syndrome, she ISN’T Down syndrome.  She is so much more than that 🙂 Second, DS does not have severity, you got it or you don’t.  Each child with DS is different and their capabilities will vary.  There are however 3 major types of DS.  The most common, and Jana’s diagnoses, is Trisomy 21.  We all have 23 chromosome that make up our genes.  DS kids often have an extra copy of the 21 chromosome.  This extra chromosome not only affects them physically but also developmentally.  

You would know a DS kid just by looking at them.  They usually have the same common traits.  Wide set almondFullSizeRender eyes, that often get mistaken for Asian descent.  Small, sometimes folded ears, which is often the cause of hearing issues.  Flatter facial features, with narrow nose rims. Smaller lower jaws that often makes the tongue seem abnormally large.  A larger gap between their big and second toe.  But the coolest thing I think, is their hands only have one crease on the center of their hands when “normal” people have twoFullSizeRender-1.  It just seems like the most random thing to me 🙂  Now not every DS child has all these traits.  Our Jana does and they make her just even more cute!  I wish I could show you how gorgeous my girl is…but for safety and legal reason posting facial photos of her right now is a no-no.      

I’ve included a link that does a great job explaining what Down’s is and just some basics to get a better understand of it.  I pray that you take some time and skim it over.  These kids are definitely gifts from God and the more we can understand them, the better we can truly welcome them into society.

  What Is Down Syndrome?