For some reason most articles I find about Down’s Syndrome have come from Europe.  I’m not sure why the US doesn’t have similar reports…but it seemed interesting.

Adorable identical twins with Down’s syndrome celebrate their first day at school

Anyway…this is a great article about two very adorable twin girls who get to start their first day of mainstream school.  I loved that they discussed how they push their girls to do their best, yet still understand they do have limitations and struggles.  I think sometimes parents try to be easy on their children (especially those with disabilities) to help decrease some of their struggles.  Often when a child sees that a parent believes they can achieve their goals, they are more likely to succeed.  We pray that Jana will be able to be mainstreamed in school…but we understand that she might not.  And that’s perfectly OK 🙂

“It is all about celebrating achievement, rather than focussing on the things they can’t do.”

Carol Boys, CEO of the Down’s syndrome Association, said: “In the past it was believed there were many things that children with Down’s syndrome could not do when in fact they had never been given the opportunity to try.

“Children with Down’s syndrome can and do learn alongside their peers in their local mainstream primary school, despite the fact they may not learn things as quickly as their classmates.