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I currently have a sleeping Jana on me as I type.  She isn’t feeling the best today, possibly getting a cold so we had a rough night.  Now she only wants mama to hold her…I cant really complain too much, she is an awesome cuddlier!  🙂    flesh

I cant believe she is almost 4 months old!  I am so focused on getting the adoption process done, its hard to see how much time has passed.  She was delivered to us 11 weeks and 5 days ago.  But it seems like it was just yesterday.  Honestly, every day I look at this girl in awe.  She is so beautiful and I just can’t believe she’s mine.  I can’t wait to be allowed to post pictures of her to show you all how adorable she really is!  You’ll be instantly in love as well!

I’ve talked to a few people about adoption and I often hear that they would be scared they wouldn’t love the child as their own.  Its a very understandable concern.  And I cant say I wasn’t worried about the same thing.  But this girl is 100% mine!!  No, she did not come from my flesh, but she truly came from my heart!  She is as much ours as our three other kids.  Even the kids have fully accepted her as their sister.  It just seemed completely natural and effortless.  We love Jana no less than any of the other kids…but honestly I feel like we have appreciated her a little more.  Maybe its our age now, or the fact that we went through so much to bring her home.  Maybe it is because she has Down’s and I know how much she really needs me.  Whatever it is, I have truly cherished every day I’ve spent with our little girl.  She really is a miraculous gift from God.

Anyway…time to get back to my little peanut.  Please pray for health!  Since she has the narrow nose bridge any congestion makes it difficult for her to breath.  So I am just praying its a small cold that will clear up soon!