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Ok so today Jana had her Baer hearing test.  We stayed in San Diego last night because she needed to be sleep deprived for the test.  For some reason today she woke up at 5 am (maybe she was nervous, Juan said he didnt think she studied lol) but she laid in bed till about 6:15.  From there we fed and changed her but she was NOT allowed to sleep.  I’m not sure if you have ever tried keeping a 4 month old up for 2 hours when she was exhausted but it was a challenge.  Lets just say a lot of tears were shed and much screaming happened.

We checked in for her appointment at 8:30 and within 15 min she was ready.  Finally she was allowed to have another bottle and fall gently asleep.  The doctor informed us that because the monitor is extremely sensitive, it would pick up even the slightest sounds.  image3Including her blinking and moving around.  That is why having a sleeping baby is the best way to go.  Anyway, the doctor (who was awesome btw) taped a monitor on her forehead and behind each ear.  Then a small tube was inserted in her ears.  The whole test took about 45 min.  Her ear drums were also examined with another type of tube to see if there was water or blockage in her ears.

So what did they find?  NOTHING!! 🙂  She has no signs of hearing loss at all!  No water in her ears, nothing to worry about!  They will be checking it again in 6 months just to make sure, but the doctor let us know that there shouldn’t be anything to be concerned about.  I couldn’t begin to explain to you how relieved I was!  Honestly, when we got in the car and left the hospital, I started to cry.  I didn’t realize how terrified and nervous I was for my little girl.  Finding out that she is doing great in all aspects was just so amazing.  It was definitely answered prayers.  So I just want to say thank you to all who kept our girl in their prayers today.  God is seriously doing amazing things with this beautiful girl!!