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Day 3 of the blog challenge!

So today is a big day…today I leave my baby Jana with someone else for the first time!!  Her first time away from both Mama and Daddy!  She has been in my life for 3 months now and I haven’t been away from her for more than a total of 5 hours.  Saying I am nervous and anxious about today is an understatement!  I have to keep focusing on the fact that I know she will be ok.  She will probably not even notice I am gone actually.  But its still terrifying and scary the first time you leave your baby in someone else care.

I needed a little pick me up this morning after I got done making sure all her things are ready and in order.  I seen this video in the past…it touched my heart then, prior to our Jana entering our lives.  Hope it brings some smiles to your day as well…and maybe helps you see how amazing these special kids truly are!!