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Day 7 of 21 day Post Challenge!

Today has been insane!  This morning I had a visit with our foster home social worker.  Followed by a CASA visit to check in.  From 12:30 this afternoon to just about 10 min ago, Jana would not let me leave her side!  I could put her down as long as I sat and played with her non stop.  If not it was only in my arms.  She hasn’t slept at all!!  She randomly goes through these days…but today has just exhausted me!

Tomorrow is another busy day of physical therapy so I am really hoping she is awake and ready for that!  Her therapist has been coming to our home now for slightly over a month.  Already I’ve seen so much improvement in her as far as turning to both sides, holding her head up nice and strong and working on her tummy.  Right now we are really focusing on her arm muscles.  So far she hasn’t been able to lift her self off the floor during tummy time.  Her therapist doesn’t think this is necessarily because of the Down’s, because her overall hand coordination is almost perfect.  This might just be typical baby development.

IMG_7868I look at her sometimes and I realize how lucky we have been.  So many kids with Down’s struggle just to hold up their head at her age.  So many children have such low muscle tone and are unable to really move at all.  It takes them so much work and training to accomplish the simple movements.  Sometimes I feel like because our Jana doesn’t have that struggle, that we don’t really fit with the Down’s Parents club.  Our child hasn’t struggled (thank God!) the way other children have.  We haven’t had to endure surgeries or countless specialist to help her grow.  Jana has not been affected very much by her Down’s diagnoses so far.  Now I know that can change at any moment.  We not see her delay till shes a teen.  But right now, I feel lucky and very very blessed.  She is a strong girl and is growing stronger every day.

Well I am being summoned again by a very loud little 4 month old 🙂  Till tomorrow followers…hope you have a wonderful night!!