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Day 8 of 21 Post Challenge

I am constantly getting asked “How do the kids feel about all this?”  My usual answer is “They love her!  She’s their sister!”  Today I wanted to give them a chance to really express how they felt about Jana and the changes to our family. I didn’t tell them what to write, or really a topic.  All I said was write about your thoughts or feeling about Jana, her Down’s and the adoption process.  Their responses honestly brought tears to my eyes.  Sometimes I worry we threw a lot on them by making this choice…but reading these…makes me know Jana was always suppose to join our family!!

When we first got Jana I was very scared and worried.  I kept thinking to myself “What if we lose her or when she grows up will she be bullied or made fun of?”  But as days pasted, I realized that none of that matters and that she is with us.  We will love her as long as we can have her.  I started loving her so much that when I left for school, I almost cried because it hurt to leave her.  I love to play with her and I just want to hug her and squeeze her and never let her go!

~Joey Benito, age 14

Before Jana I thought people with Down Syndrome were weird.  Now that we have Jana, I realize that she’s just like any other baby but cuter!  At first I was scared when my parents said she had Down’s, but now our family wouldn’t be a family without her!

~Mason Benito, age 11

I think it’s really cool that we are adopting Jana!  I have been wanting a little sister for years and I finally have one.  I thought I was going to be sad because I thought I wouldn’t get as much attention, but now I see that nothing has changed.  I am so happy to have Jana in our family.  I was scared about Jana having Down Syndrome and everything but there is nothing to worry about.  I love my new baby sister!

~Jaylen Benito, age 9