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Day 11 of 21 day challengedowns

I almost missed today!!  Maybe it was on purpose though because this article was just posted 2 hours ago.  Its sad to see that just within my lifetime, the treatment of individuals with Down Syndrome has changed so dramatically.  Just within the last 30 years the thought of institutionalizing these amazing kids finally changed.  At one point children born with Down’s were considered a waste of life.  There was no hope for any positive life in their future.  How many children grew up feeling so worthless because of this!?  I’m so proud that my Jana is growing in a time where acceptance and awareness isn’t hard to see.  Yes, so much more can be changed.  I myself hardly knew anything about Down’s prior to Jana joining us.  This all needs to change!  With new advancements I pray society welcomes these kids with open arms!  We have so much to learn from their lives.

Our society has also changed the way individuals with disabilities were treated overall. At the same time, medical technology has been advanced, which paved the way in making the life expectancy of those with Down Syndrome

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Down Syndrome Life Expectancy Today Has Increased