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Day 12 of 21 day Challenge…IMG_7903

This morning Juan and I went to our doctor to get a physical.  Basically he had to sign a paper saying we are healthy enough to have a child…even though we already have 3 🙂  Luckily our doctor is also a dear friend of ours, so it was a pleasant visit as well.  These physicals were the last thing we needed to do for the adoption process.  The tons of paperwork (with insanely personal questions) has all been turned in.  Live Scan’s have been complete and our background is clear.  The reference letters from our friends and family have all been returned to the agency.  Everything on our end of the process is done!  Now we wait for November 2nd to attend court to officially start the full adoption process.  From there our home study is completed and 60 days later we should be signing our adoption IMG_7904papers!!  I can see the end in sight but it still seems like an eternity away!  I’m ready to not have to report all aspects of our lives almost weekly.  To not have numerous visits from agencies who are basically judging us as parents.  To officially add Benito to Jana’s name!

This has felt like such a long process, but I know compared to other adoptions, ours has been very easy going.  I am so grateful at these times to have our support system keeping me focused.  They have been keeping me positive and helping me see that its almost over.  I never really believed we had so many people who love our family before Jana entered it.  It amazes me how many people have fallen in love with this tiny girl.  I mean I know shes pretty amazing…but it feels good that everyone thinks she is too 🙂