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Day 13 of 21 day Challenge….

Big news on our adoption process!!  This Friday our social worker will be coming in to complete our Home Study.  She will come in and walk through our home.  Making sure all safety regulations are in place and that our home seems suitable for a child.  After that point all we need to do is wait!!  If all goes the way I am expecting it, by January Jana will be legally OURS!!  I ask you to please continue to pray for our family.  Pray that things continue to go smoothly and everything is in place.

My pastor sent me this last night.  He often shares wonderful stories of children who have Down’s to help keep us encouraged.  I thought this was very sweet and wanted to share it with you.  I think we sometimes forget that it just takes one person to be brave enough to go against others and befriend those who are lonely.  Even as adults I feel this is something we should remember.  Jesus showed love to the unwanted, the castaways and the forgotten.  So easily it is for us to overlook the lives of those around us.  This video is a great reminder of how it just takes one person to change a life!.