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Day 15 of 21 day challenge…


I often find myself just watching Jana.  Whether she is asleep or just playing, I watched amazed that this beautiful girl is mine.  That even though Juan and I took steps almost a decade ago to not have more kids, God helped our family grow.  I sit and watch her and find myself just smiling in awe.  I just love her so much!!  I know, I sound like probably every other new parent 🙂  But here’s something different that I don’t remember experiencing with the other kids.  Sometimes when I’m cuddling her she looks up at me and just watches me a little bit.  I can tell she is examining my eyes, my facial expression, just really observing me.  Then she smiles…the same smile I have on my face when I watch her.  Almost like she is looking right back at me thinking “I cant believe your mine!”  Like she’s just as proud of me as I am of her.  Those are the times when I know this was all meant to be.  That all the stress, home visits, court dates and paper work, they are all worth being able to love this amazing child for the rest of my life.  She is worth it!  She was the piece of our family that was missing from the start.