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Day 18 of the 21 day challenge…IMG_8253

Just the other day I got a package in the mail that I was very excited about!  I ordered Jana a shirt to wear for her very first Buddy Walk that will take place this coming Saturday.  The shirt came from a company that started because of a boy named Reeve.  His family wanted to help bring awareness of Down’s in a cute humorous way.  They discuss that often when people meet a child with Down’s, they feel awkward and unsure of how to act.  These shirts help promote that it is totally OK for these kids to look slightly different.  That difference is beautiful and that people should get comfortable with it 🙂

Since having Jana, my world has been opened up to so many wonderful families.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to connect with many locally, but because of the amazing way the internet connects us all, I’ve been able to connect with other families just like us.  So many people are on the front line of the battle to bring acceptance to these kids who have Down’s.  Many have already paved the way to allow our Jana the opportunities she now has.  I know it is a very exclusive club, that many never get a chance to enter.  But I’m proud to be a small part of this community of families with Down’s.  I hope that one day Jana can be part of the fight to help spread awareness and acceptance.  That she can make her mark as well in our community.

Learn more about Reeve and his awesome Tees HERE: Reeves Tees