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Buddy Walk-2035edit copyTEAM JANA
A few missing...had to cover up our girl...
just a few more weeks and I can finally show her off!!

We finally got to participate in Jana’s first Buddy Walk.  TEAM JANA was in full swing with about 41 people walking in her honor.  Juan thinks we had the highest amount of participants on our team 🙂  It was a beautiful day and a wonderful experience to share with so many people who love and support our girl.  I was able to meet other families in our area who also have children with Down’s and it was amazing to see all these great kids come together for a day of fun.

My pastor sent me this Saturday night and I really wanted to share it with you.  He closed the message with this: “For those who were part of “Team Jana” today, “The walk was part of the gift.” 

On the eastern coast of Africa there was a missionary who was serving the people in that area.
One day, on his birthday, a young man came to his front door with a gift.
The missionary was overwhelmed by the gift but also by the fact that he knew this young man had come a long distance to bring this gift.
He asked him how he got to his house.
The young man stated that he had walked.
“But didn’t that take you a long time?” asked the missionary.
In fact, it had. He started the night before and walked all night long.
The missionary said… “Well… at least let me drive you back home.”
Over and over, the young man refused.
Finally… the young man said to the missionary… “The walk is part of the gift.”

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