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patienceThis morning we had our second court date regarding Jana.  I cannot explain to you how nervous and anxious I was.  Juan kept trying to reassure me that it was only a formality and nothing would happen.  But the worst case scenarios were the only things going through my mind.  What if they took her away?  What if they say something went wrong and it will be another 6 months till this is over?  What if one of her biological family members showed up!?  Now I logically understand that these things would not happen.  But it didn’t stop me from freaking out!  The entire process took a whole 5 min long!  Basically the judge announced that Jana was no longer a “foster child” but a child eligible for adoption.  Now he turns it over to Social Services to get it done!  Basically that means, we wait more!  Once the Home Study is complete and approved we will receive our adoption date, then Jana will be LEGALLY ours!!

On another note, Jana’s first Halloween was a success!  I can’t wait to show you how stickin’ adorable she was in her Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) costume.  The kids had a blast asking for an extra treat for their baby sisters bag. 🙂  We are already planning next years costume…trying to do a fully family theme….any suggestions?