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il_340x270.479124142_i4rgSo we met with our social worker yesterday.  First of all, it turns out that she is friends with a lot of our friends!  We sat and talked about all the people we both know and how our history has crossed so many times.  Yet we never knew each other.  I feel like God just always knows what He is doing!  The right people are always put in the right positions and its just awesome to see that in play.

Ok, so on with the news!  We didn’t realize it before, but at the court hearing on Monday, the Judge announced Juan and I as the impending adoptive family.  Because of this, there is NO reason (unless we do something horrible!!) that they would take Jana away from us!  No one can try to fight for her!  I have to tell you, to hear this was pure relief to me.  I’m always worried that something will come up.  That something would hurt our chance to keep our girl forever.  It was such an answered prayer to get that reassurance!!

Lastly, we know for sure the adoption will be finalized in January!  The earliest would be January 7th…depending on how long it takes for our home study to be approved by the supervisors.  We are so excited that it will be happening so fast!!

Again, I want to thank everyone who has kept our family in their prayers.  God has been with us since day one and I’ve been able to experience His help throughout this process.  Jana has brought so much joy and love to our small family.  I couldn’t imagine ever going through life without her.