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keep-calm-cause-i-m-still-hereHey everyone!  Life seemed to become very crazy all around me these past few weeks, so its been difficult to sit and focus.  Jana is doing amazing!  She loves eating her solid foods and tasting whatever new flavor I let her have.  So far carrots and applesauce are the top favorites!  But trust me, she isn’t’ picky 🙂

We are still waiting for her Home Study to be approved.  Last week was National Adoption Day so the office was swamped trying to get last min details done for those cases.  I am praying that I will get the approval this week and soon an Adoption Date!!  We are still planning on January but honestly every day that passes makes me worry it will push it back.

This past Sunday Jana turned 6 months old!  We put her to bed that night and just watched her a bit.  She is now sleeping in her crib and we were amazed at how big she has gotten.  When she first came home, we only had a crib for her.  We placed her in it and knew instantly it wasn’t going to work!  She was so tiny in this massive bed.  But soon she out grew her bassinet and now loves her big crib bed 🙂

She is continuing to do wonderfully in her development.  Her therapist is setting a goal to have her sitting on her own and possibly crawling by January!  Scary!!  I am truly enjoying her being this little.  I think I never understood how precious this time is with the older kids.  I think I play with her ever second I get.  I love attacking her with kisses and tickles and hearing her adorable belly laugh.  My favorite times though are when she softly rubs my face and pulls me into her to give me kisses right back.  She is such a happy and lovable baby.  Stubborn as can be!  But we have way more highs than lows!!  She is just truly a blessing that I am very grateful God trusted me with!!