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shotsThis has been a busy week!  It was  a week of doctor’s visits.  Poor Jana is worn out from sitting in waiting rooms, traveling 2 hours in the car, and being poked and checked.  Here’s how our week went:

Apt. 1, Monday – Jana had her 6 month check up at her pediatricians office.  She weighs a whopping 13 lbs and is 25 inches long.  She is a tiny thing 🙂  But considering she was 5.6 at birth I say shes growing pretty good!  She is in the 50% for her weight and 75% for her height.  This is based on children with Down Syndrome because for the most part kids with Down’s are usually shorter statures.  Which, if you know me, is perfect because I am only 5″  🙂  Doctor said she looks great and healthy.  So I say it was a good apt.

Monday night….headed up to San Diego to stay the night.  Jana’s next two apt. were at Rady Children’s Hospital.

Apt. 2, Tuesday Morning – Time for Jana’s eye check up!  The Down’s Center Clinic referred her to have her eyes check because for the most part, Down’s children are prone to eye issues.  Most of the time it is caused by the shape of their eyes.  We actually were not very concerned about Jana.  She seems to focus great on everything and loves watching people very intently.  They dilated her eyes (just little drops) and we waited 30 min.  The doctor checked her eyes and determined that she has a very slight astigmatism (so do I and our son Mason!) and partial farsightedness.  However, she said the majority of baby’s are far-sided at this age.  So basically it was a great apt again!  No need for glasses or work done.  They will check her again in 6 months to make sure.

Apt. 3, Tuesday Afternoon – Developmental Assessment.  To complete the adoption process we had to have Jana seen by a Therapist to have an in-depth assessment done.  In the words of our social worker “Its to make sure you know what your getting!”  (Like anything anyone can tell us will make us not want our Jana!)  I have to say, this was not my favorite part of the week.  For about 1 1/2 she played with Jana, asked us questions and did her test.  For the most part Jana scored below average on her development.  Hearing the scores, honestly my mama bear instincts went into full gear!  there were things that she counted Jana down on that I knew she was capable of doing.  Juan told me that I have to remember she hows Down’s and she is going to be delayed.  It honestly wasn’t that I was upset that she was delayed.  It was the fact that I know what my girl is capable of, I know her strengths and weaknesses, and I didn’t like someone telling me she couldn’t do it!  I guess this might be something I’ll have to adjust to.  But no one can tell my kids they can’t accomplish  something! 🙂

Today, Friday Morning – Christmas Party!  Jana had her first Christmas Party at the IVCEC (Imperial Valley Center for Exceptional Children).  She was so excited and looked adorable in her new celebration outfit. (Sorry still cant post pictures of her!)  I was able to meet two moms of Down’s babies.  One 1 1/2 year old boy and one 10 month old girl.  It was great being able to ask them questions about their experiences and just have people totally get what we’ve been going through.  We exchanged numbers so I’m sure Jana will be having some fun play dates soon!!

Lastly, we are still waiting on our Home Study approval.  It still needs to go to a Program Manager to get signed off.  So hopefully next week we will receive our approve and have an option date soon!  We are hoping for January 7th so please keep that date in prayers for us!