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11-7t4a3198Last night on A&E, a new hit premiered for the first time.  A new reality show…not about an inside look into the lives of rich woman, online marriages, or multiple wives.  This show will follow 7 young adults as they go to school, work, date, and hang out with friends.  Living their lives independently and full of adventure.  Oh yea, the catch…they all have Down Syndrome!  To be honest, when I heard of this new show a few weeks ago, I was nervous.  This had potential to be either really amazing or really horrible.  Depending on what the focus was on and whether or not they did their best to really show who these kids are.  I have to say, I was not disappointed!!  Tears were shed, laughs were heard and the anticipation for the next episode is in full gear!!  Each of these young adults have their own story, their own struggles and their own dreams that they are striving to reach.  Just like everyone else!

“I have an extra chromosome in me.  But, I have a big heart though.”
~Rachel, 32

We also got a chance to meet the parents of each of these amazing adults.  One couple, Beatriz and Mariano (parents of Christiana, 25) were open and honest of their fears and worries.  Mariano mentioned that at Christina’s birth, Beatriz’ fear was that her daughter would not be “normal”

“I will not wake up waiting for my daughter to come back from a date like my mother did for me!”

How many other parents of kids with special needs feel this exact same way!?  I know I do.  I fear that I will not be able to embarrass Jana as I take countless pictures of her ready for prom.  Will we worry when she moves out to go to college and start her life?  Will I spend months planning a princess wedding with her?  Or get to hold her beautiful baby and watch her transition into motherhood.  Watching these 7 adults living out their dreams, gave me hope!  Hope that one day Jana will have the life she loves.  It might not be the way everyone expects it to be, but it will be hers!  Jana has a chance to go and make her mark in the world and with shows like this helping raise awareness, I pray she might have more opportunities open to her.

Please, take an hour out of your day to get an inside look into the lives of people who sometimes get avoided.  You will instantly fall in live with each of these people!

It airs every Tuesday on A&E and the first episode is currently available online in case you missed it!