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Hey everyone!  Its been a while…how you all been?  Honestly, I haven’t posted because I’ve been stubborn!  I’ve been determined to allow my next post to be an announcement of our adoption date and finally publicize Jana’s picture.  I guess keeping that focus helped me keep hope that we would have it ending soon.  Unfortunately, we are still waiting!  About 3 weeks ago everything was finally approved!  Signatures were made and it looked like everything was done!  However, our case manager realized something was wrong with paperwork filed during our last court date.  Because of this, it had to be refiled then sent off to the state for approval.  It is now January 2nd and I still have no date…no plan….no end in sight.  To say it has been frustrating is an understatement!  I want my baby to have her name, to not have to report everything we do for her, to not have our family in this horrible limbo.  I want it done!!  God is truly testing my patience through this…but I know its all worth it.  SHE IS WORTH IT!!  I just have to try to stay focused.

FullSizeRenderOn another note, we’ve had a pretty eventual month.  On the 18th Jana had an ultrasound done on her heart and an EKG.  This is to see how her heart murmur is going.  FullSizeRender2Unfortunately, we were unable to see the doctor that day for results so we go back later this month.  She did wonderfully though.  All the nurses were impressed by her and instantly were in love.  What can I say, she’s pretty amazing!

Jana’s first Christmas went perfectly.  The kids were actually really excited to see her “open” her presents. (Tissue paper was a hit!)  She got ridiculously spoiled and now has an obscene amount of toys to play with.

On the 28th she had her first trip to Sea World.  I wasn’t expecting much of a response out of her.  She’s only 7 months old 🙂  But we were all surprised to see how excited she got to see the aquariums.  The penguins, beluga whales, and Shamu were the top favorites.  She was so amazed by the water and the movement of the fish.  We plan on taking her back soon!



Lastly, yesterday was New Years day…we spent it in the ER. 😦  Jana had a bad cough and fever on an off all New Years Eve.  In the morning it seemed she was having difficultly breathing.  Since her doctor was cl

osed, we went straight to the ER.  Technically, that’s exactly what we are suppose to do as her “Foster Parents” so we were following or

ders 🙂  After x-rays, a catheter for a urine sample, blood work (twice because they messed up!!) and an Albuterol treatment, turns out…she has a bad cold.  That’s all 🙂  No infection, no major issues.  Unfortunately that means, basically no meds to help speed it along and we just wait it out.  Its been a rough couple of nights with very little sleep.  I am pretty grateful that in the past 6 months she hasn’t gotten sick yet.  I’ve been expecting it to come.  Juan absolutely hates it!!  He has hardly slept and hovers over her almost constantly.  He is not good at “waiting it out” 🙂

So here we are…still waiting.  Still amazed at the fact that this little angel is in our lives.  Still tired overprotected parents watching their sick baby cough through the night.  Please continue to keep our family in prayers.  I’m really hoping to have an adoption update for you next week!