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blogger-image-984289996.jpgI realized today I never notified all of you that Jana went home!  She was released from the hospital on Friday afternoon.  She made a complete turn around and is perfectly healthy now!  They were able to take her off the oxygen on Thursday night, by Friday at noon the doctor said she was good to go!!  We were so excited to take her home.  It was a LONG week but we loved everyone who cared for her at Rady’s.  They are all amazing doctors and nurses and we are very grateful for their care of Jana.  Since being home she has been overly happy and affectionate and constantly rolling around 🙂  Just making up for the lost time!!

On an even happier note, yesterday afternoon Juan and I signed the paperwork officially removing Jana from Foster Care and putting her into a perspective adoptive home.  This means on Thursday, January 28, 2016, Jana will finally be a Benito!!  I cannot explain how excited we were to sign those documents.  It has taken a lot of time an patience to get here but we are now almost done!  I was literally jumping around and dancing with her after our social worker left.  (Figured I should wait for her to leave before acting all crazy lol )  Jana has been ours from the moment we found out about her.  This just makes it official!

Technically we can now post photos of her…but Juan really wants to wait for her adoption date to arrive to make it extra special 🙂  Just two more weeks!!