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I know I just posted, but I saw this article online and had to share it.  First of all, dear friends of our adopted their beautiful daughter through Bethany Christian Services.  They are a Christian organization that not only helps provide homes for children but also offers counseling for the birth parents.

This article however is about a woman who is helping children from China who have Down’s find homes.  As many of you know children with special needs in China are often put up for adoption.  Also, it is usually very difficult to adopt an international child with special needs.  In fact, her son is one of the first children adopted from China with Downs!

Check out the article here : Mom helping children with Down Syndrome find homes

I love that this has opened doors, however we cannot forget that there are tons of children with special needs who are waiting for homes here in the US.  Check out this link for info National Down Syndrome Adoption