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ryderThis weekend I had the opportunity to participate in an online auction for a sweet little boy with Down Syndrome named Ryder.  His mother noticed in photos that one of his eyes always looked like it was glowing.  She felt uneasy about it and mentioned it to her pediatrician at Ryder’s 4 month check up and within 36 hours they found out that he had a cancerous tumor in his eye.  He now has to travel with his mama to New York every few weeks to complete his cancer treatment.  My heart ached for this poor mom.  Here she has to watch her baby boy go through treatments, pain and discomfort and he has no idea why.  I’ve been praying for this family and I hope you can add them to your thoughts as well.

After hearing about Ryder, I did more research about the cancer.  Children with Down Syndrome have a much grater risk of being diagnosed with Leukemia and other cancers than typical children.  Because so little is known about what causes Down’s and why so much of the children’s body is affected by it, it is unknown why they are at higher risk.  I have read however that Down Syndrome patience often react much better to medication and treatments than other children.  Again, something else they are unsure why exactly.  So even though little Ryder has a very rare form of cancer, there are many other children with Down’s who are facing the same fears.

How blessed with have been to have Jana so healthy and safe!!  There are so many things against my little girl and I am so grateful every day that she healthy and strong.  Yes, she is slightly behind developmentally right now (Only sitting up and being on all 4’s with support) and I know we will not see her delay fully until she reaches grammar school, but she is fighting along.  It could be so much worse!  But because of that, it has helped me appreciate and rejoice in her little milestones.  There are so many things that can come up in her life that will be a struggle.  That is why so many people have asked us why we choice to take on such a “burden.”  First of all, she is a beautiful little girl and never should be looked at as a burden.  And second, she is amazing and doesn’t ever deserve to face these obstacles alone.  God brought her to us for a reason and we will cherish all the times we have with her…the good AND bad!

If you would like to read a little more on baby Ryder or help contribute to their family check this out:  Ryder’s Retinoblastoma Battle #PrayForRyder