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OTThis morning Jana had her first Occupational Therapy assessment.  This was to determine where her skills are now and also to create a game plan to help her continue to get stronger. First of all, I was very excited to hear that the therapist didn’t feel like she was very delayed at all!  She is doing things that typical children 6-8 months old should be doing.  Since she is just over 8 months that means she is almost fully on track!!  The therapist was surprised to see how strong she is.  She watched her roll all around, helped her sit and had her play with toys.  The only real thing we will be working on for a while is getting her to sit a little more balanced on her own, pushing herself up to sit position and continue working on getting her on all fours.  She is sitting great on her own except she needs to balance with both hands.  Jana instead wants to play and thinks balancing isn’t as important 🙂

Now I wait to schedule her weekly apt so Jana can be seen about 30 minutes each time.  I’m hoping this will help her continue to grow and develop.  Maybe looking at crawling before she turns 1!!  She is so strong and determined I don’t see this little one staying unmobile long 🙂