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IMG_1582A quick update on Jana:  She has another upper respiratory infection!  Just got on meds yesterday so I am hoping for a quick recovery.  She has a horrible cough, infected eyes and is very congested.  She is not sleeping very well at night, however none of that stops her from playing with her siblings and trying so hard to figure out this crawling thing 🙂  Recently she started attempting to eat her toes and hates it when I put socks on her feet!

So on to today’s post!  Written by Jana’s Daddy, Juan…you might want to grab a tissue 🙂


Instantly a Daddy’s Girl!

We will most likely never meet in person but we share one precious gift in common and I wanted to take the time to say Thank You.

Over 1 year ago, you conceived a child and made the decision to give her birth even though you would not be able to raise her. I don’t know what your personal situation was at the time but we are forever grateful that you chose to give that little baby inside of you the gift of life.

I have often laid in bed at night and thought about you, your husband and your family. I have prayed for you and thanked you in my prayers. I don’t know if your decision to place our Jana up for adoption was because of her Down Syndrome or because of your personal circumstances but regardless of the reason I wanted you to know something. That little baby girl that you placed in the arms of God, whether knowingly or un-knowingly, is safe and loved.

I wanted you to know that over 1 year ago my wife began to dream to we would have a baby girl. At the time it didn’t make sense because we already have 3 children and we had made personal and family goals. At the time another baby was not part of our plan. However, we quickly realized that this desire would not go away and that God had a different plan for our family. So we began to pray for this baby wherever she was and we trusted God. We realized that He had a plan so we prayed for His will to be done. So we set out to get licensed and approved to be foster parents. We trusted God and decided that we would take care of things on our end and trust him to take care of the rest. We prayed and honestly, we waited impatiently.

We finally received a call informing us that there was a beautiful baby girl with Down Syndrome that needed an adoptive placement and not a foster home. The moment that she was placed in my arms, I knew that she was the little girl my wife had dreamed about and that we had been praying for over the past year. God had brought our Baby Girl home.

I can not even imagine what led you to make the decision that you made but I want you to know that from the beginning there was a plan in place. God began to prepare a home for your little girl before you even knew that she had been conceived. My family will always be grateful for the choice that you made to give our Jana life. She is loved not only by our family, but by friends, Church Family and the many adoptive family members that embrace her daily as we call her our own.

Again, Thank you. I continue to pray that someone will share or has shared the Love of God with you so that we may one day meet in our Forever Adoptive Home.