Spread the Word to end the Word



I’ve used this word in the past.  I’ve said to to describe things I didn’t like or agree with.  I’ve said it with no regard to how it could hurt someone to their very core.  I have added to the spread of this word.  Since Jana has come into our lives, I cringe any time I overhear this word used.  A small part of my breaks because I know that most likely one day I will pick Jana up from school and she will be in tears because someone called her that name.  I will have to hold her and explain to her that people are mean sometimes.  And that they don’t always understand how bad words can hurt us.  Then I will send her back to school and pray another day will pass where she isn’t torn down.

Today, March 2nd, is national Spread the word to End the Word day.  You can actually visit R-Word.org  and sign an online pledge to promise to not use the R-word again.  You can read stories from amazing kids who have been broken by this word.  To see how such a small word can dramatically affect so many lives.

Join the movement and help remove this demeaning word from our society!!


2 thoughts on “Spread the Word to end the Word

  1. I’m very ashamed to admit it, but I have never discussed or shared information with my daughter who has Downs about her condition. I know that in her scool they have discussed it, but I know that if I discussed it with her I would break down crying and that would not be good for her. I know that she knows what “retarded” means–presumably from school. I saw her flinch once when someone used the word on tv.


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