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So yesterday was Spread the Word to End the Word day.  A movement to remove the words retard/retarded from our society.  This was suppose to be a day of awareness and support for all these wonderful people who never deserve to be put down.  Just a day for the community to rally around these kids to help make the world safer and more accepting for them.  Sounds great right!?

Unfortunately, there are some mean, cruel, horrible people in our world!  A few families that I follow on Instagram posted beautiful photos of their children and asked others to help end the word.  These kids range from 1 year to 10 years old.  Beautiful little kids with amazing families that love and cherish them.  On these public posts, people actually used yesterday to attack these innocent kids!!  Leaving mean messages about how their kids were not beautiful, how we need to not worry about the r-word because that’s what they are and even some saying they should have been aborted!!  Thank God I didn’t receive any of these horrible comments.  (I would not have been a very good Christian if so!!)  But honestly, how can people be so horrible?!  This wasn’t just one or two people…tons of people purposelessly searched these families out to attack them.  We live in a so-called society of acceptance.  Everyone has to watch what they say.  Make sure they are politically correct and don’t offend anyone.  Yet, these innocent kids are put down by strangers!?  Where is their acceptance?!

This seriously upset me so much!!  How am I suppose to explain this one day to Jana?  When people are mean for no reason, where society would rather her be hidden away then accept her for all her beauty!?  It is just so ridiculous!  It really makes me have very little faith in people.  No child should ever feel that they are worthless and put down by adults.  No matter what their situation is!!  This has to stop!!

OK…my rant is done….   UGH!!