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IMG_1904I remember watching Joey, Mason and Jaylen reach their milestones.  Crawling, sitting, pulling up, walking…none of it really seemed to cause them too much struggle.  I remember doing baby exercises with them.  Moving their body and helping them discover what they could do.  I never remember them struggling to the point of tears to do something simple as trying to sit up.

Jana has in home therapy twice a week and that last anywhere from 30-45 minutes.  Basically until she refuses to do anything more 🙂  She currently is going to Occupational Therapy once a week for about an hour, however we recently found out that it will be closing so she will loose that service.  During all this time, she works as hard as she possibly can.  Yes, most of the time she is complaining or shaking her head no.  But she does it.  I watch her struggle, to want to accomplish something so bad but just can’t get her body to cooperate.  I watch her want to give up, but as her therapist push her harder, I watch her succeed.  IMG_1912

Honestly, as I’m watching her, it kinda breaks my heart.  She works so much harder than typical kids to accomplish so little.  I see her make progress and I want to scream it from the roof top and have everyone be as excited as I am for her.  However, most of the time others aren’t very impressed.  They don’t see how much work she puts into her therapy.  How exhausted she is when its over.  They don’t see the look of accomplishment she gives me when she finally does what they are working on.

IMG_1928I think when people first see Jana, they see her weakness.  They see her disability and that’s all.  They don’t see how strong she truly is.  Jana is a fighter, she is stubborn, she is very strong willed.  She is also very lovable and honestly everyone who spends more than 5 minutes her instantly falls in love.  She is my little hero!  Through her I have learned to enjoy the small moments.  To cherish the simple things and to not give up when life feel tough.  She inspires me every day to be a little bit better, to smile more, and not give up.  People constantly tell us we are such a blessing to her.  They have NO idea how much more of a blessing she is to us!