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It is our first WDSD!  I can’t believe that last year I had no clue this day even existed.  Jana has opened our eyes to such a wonderful new community.  Honestly, the families I encounter have so much love and joy, you can just see it in their eyes.  It’s not because there are no pains to Down Syndrome, it’s because these special people bring so much happiness and blessings, it makes it all worth it!

I love every bit of our Jana.  I wouldn’t change a single part of her.  Jana is more than just a baby with Down Syndrome…but it is also so much of who she is.  In the most wonderful way!!  Her differences make her even more beautiful.  I am so honored to be her mom!  God had a plan the day she was born…How I was lucky enough to be a part of it, I’m not sure!!

So today, honor those who make our world unique.  The ones who wear their hearts on their sleeves, who wish to be loved and cherished, those who are true heroes in every sense of the word!

IMG_1976Happy World
Down Syndrome Day!!