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Because I was so excited to give her a Peep for the first time!  Just wanted to share 🙂

Hey there!  Not much has been happening around the Benito household…and honestly that is perfect!!  We have had quite a crazy and eventful year so far so this small break of peace has been much needed!

Jana has been doing great.  This past week or so she has started really babbling a lot.  Yelling at the top of her lungs and just learning her voice.  Daddy has insisted that she has said “Dada” a couple of times.  I might give it to him 🙂  Definitely wont be keeping her in church with me during service anymore.  There is no keeping this girl quiet.  Which is exactly how it should be!

Recently we have been able to give her a bath with her just sitting in her tub.  Normally she was using the bath sling that she laid on.  She has always loved her bath time but we’ve never gotten her to really play in the water.  Until now!  Juan and I were head to toe soaked as she splashed and kicked throughout her whole bath.  She had so much fun and it was a blast watching her laugh and play.

One thing we are struggling with is getting her to use either a sippy cup or straw.  Children with Down’s are encouraged to use straws because it works the muscles in their mouth better.  I have purchased two different types of straw cups, have tried juice boxes, and even just the baby food pouches, but I just cant get her to suck!  I’m not sure if it is something she will just eventually catch on to or what.  I really want to be able to remove the bottle when she turns one (only 2 more month!!) so I’m not sure what steps I need to take.  Any advice would be wonderful from you 🙂

This Friday we have her second BAER test (hearing) in San Diego.  She has to be asleep during the entire hour while they have wires in her ears and on her head.  I’m very concerned because she is NOT a deep sleeper and does not like to miss anything that is going on.  If they can’t get her to stay asleep, the next step will be going back and having an anesthesiologist put her to sleep during it.  I’m praying we can get it done without that!

Next Friday she sees an Ears, Nose and Throat doctor for the first time.  The Downs Clinic referred her for that.  Hoping we can make sure everything is working the way it should and she is not in need of any surgeries or procedures.  So far we have been pretty lucky with that…pray it continues.

So that’s all that is happening in Jana’s life right now.  She is continuing to explore and get stronger and stronger each day.  Some big things will be happening  soon…but that will be for another post 🙂  Stay Tuned!