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I am SOOOO excited to announce that our store is now live!!  Honestly this has been months and months of collaborating to finally get this going!

For our first Buddy Walk I wanted Jana to wear a special shirt to stand out from the crowds.  I went searching online for Down Syndrome Awareness tees and honestly the choices were limited.  I finally found one I loved from Reeves Tees  and I’ve continued to purchase from them.  However I wanted more options.  If you know me, you will know I often get these burst of creativity (which cause me to have a just FEW hobbies…ask my hubby) so I got to work.  Juan and I went back and forth of different ideas and finally a few stuck!  We contacted an amazing graphic artist online, Felix Galvan and he graciously helped us out  and believed in what we were doing.  Then when it came down to printing we searched locally for the perfect teammate.  After making a few calls and emails, God brought us the perfect one!  We met Jason over at Mad Graphix  who happens to also have a one year old son with Down Syndrome!!  It was truly fate!  He totally supported what we were doing and even helped us out on an amazing deal!  I can’t wait to see his adorable boy struttin’ his stuff in our tees!!  Jason is currently working on getting our shirts printed and I know they will be amazing!!

So here I am, finally able to present A Little Extra to all of you!!  Please take a look at our online store.  We will be adding more designs soon and have options for those of us who are not lucky to have Down Syndrome, but love someone who does!!

Please head over to A Little Extra and take a look!!