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Monday’s are tough for Jana.  She starts her day with in home therapy for about 30 min.  Then about an hour later we head out to physical therapy for another 30 min session.  I usually am able to get her to take a 45 min nap in between and that usually holds her over.  Unfortunately, today that didn’t happen.  She did pretty decent for her in home therapy, however she had a full meltdown for physical therapy.  IMG_3028

From the moment Betty (our therapist) took her from me, she started screaming.  This was a full on breath-puffing full out meltdown.  You would think that would end the session right there.  However, that’s not how Betty works!  She reassured me that this is normal and most likely will happen again.  She wanted Jana to know that even when she is tired she needs to work.  This session would be more about teaching Jana to work than actually getting her to work out.  Basically if we gave in, Jana would learn that the more she screams the sooner therapy will end.

IMG_3026So while Jana screamed and cried, Betty worked the best she could with her.  They would do about a min of work then take a short break.  Randomly Jana would calm down and forget she was upset, only to start screaming once again.  The funny thing is the whole time, she continued to do what Betty was asking of her.  Sitting up, reaching, getting on all fours.  She still gave 100% while screaming and letting us know she disliked everything.



We got in the car and she instantly crashed.  Unfortunately she screamed so much she gave herself a rash :/  Poor thing is now exhausted.

Next month we are trying to move things around so she isn’t doing both therapies on the same day. Hopefully that can happen and she can have a break!