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Jay & Jana-6432To my precious baby girl,

A year ago today you were born and the world was changed.  I wasn’t there to hear your first tiny cry, to cradle you in my arms and help you go to sleep your first night.  I don’t have your first picture or your first little footprint.  I wasn’t there to watch over you the 5 days you were in the hospital.  Or take that nerve-raking first ride home with you.  I missed so much.

Jay & Jana-5351My dear Jana, I promise you, I will be joyfully celebrating with you each birthday.  I promise that I will be with you as you reach each new milestone and event.  I will one day watch you graduate and possibly even walk down the aisle.  I will cherish every moment I have with you and thank God every day for bringing you to our family.

Jana, you were not of my flesh but I promise you are deeply from my heart.  Daddy and I prayed for you long before we ever knew your beautiful face.  God had a bigger plan than all of us expected and knew you were meant for us.  I am honored to be your mama and I promise I will do my very best to be the mom you deserve.

Jay & Jana-6476

Jay & Jana-6458

Happy birthday my little peanut!!  Thank you for joining our family and making our world so much brighter!!