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IMG_3312.JPGJana has not been having the best week.  It seemed to start of good.  Daddy had a 4 day weekend and we started it off with a shopping day 🙂  Jana loves shopping for new cute clothes and goodies.  She is a girl after all 😉

After that however, things started getting tough on her.  I started introducing whole milk to her in a sippy cup on Saturday.  She actually loved it and used the cup perfectly which was awesome!  Sunday night I had her go to bed with a bottle of milk to see if we could start getting rid of the formula.  She is one now!


Pre-Rash – Still Happy

Then Monday came!  Jana had diarrhea which resulted in a horrible diaper rash!  Even just holding her hurt her little bottom.  She was sluggish all day Monday and not herself at all.  I have to assume the milk is the culprit.  The 3 big kids were all on lactose-free formula right away.  They always had issues so even when real milk was introduced we used Lactose Free again.  Jana has always used milk-based formula and never had any issues.  Now I’m not sure what to do.  She isn’t able to eat really anything other than baby food because she still doesn’t have teeth.  After eating it twice in a row she gets furious with me.  She would much rather eat what I have and doesn’t understand why she cant.  She is currently the size of a 6 month old so the thought of her off of formula scares me!  Will she get the nutrition she needs?  Will it affect her growth?  Will changing her make her gain too much weight too soon, therefore affecting her development!?  All these things have been stressing me out.  She sees her pediatrician on Friday for her 1 year shots.  I like her doctor, but she is NOTHING like the specialist we see in San Diego.  I trust their judgement so much more with her.  If anyone has suggestions, please send them my way!

IMG_3398Then finally today she met Miss Betty again at physical therapy.  She was laughing and playing while we waited.  Miss Betty came and held her and they laughed together.  Everything seemed to be good to go.  Betty sat her down on the mat, and INSTANTLY the screaming started. 😦     This is now the third class that Jana has screamed all the way though.  Betty insist that it is completely normal.  She even has some kids who cry as soon as the car parks!  I on the other hand, hate it!  I know she is fine!  There is nothing hurting her or causing her pain.  But these therapies are important for her development and I know she has to get over this and start working.  Next week Betty is going to have me stay in the waiting area and move her to a different spot in hopes that will help.  She will be seeing her twice a week and I am praying that each session isn’t full of screams 😦