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Jana has been busy with therapy!  Adding an extra day of physical therapy each week and swim therapy once a month.  Friday was her first swim therapy.  I have to say it went pretty good.  The purpose was to get her to kick and splash her arms an legs.  Once in the SUPER warm, calm pool, she relaxed instantly.  She was interested in what the other kids were doing.  One little boy in particular (who’s disability I couldn’t see) was very excited to be in the pool.  He was splashing and laughing like crazy.  Jana was intrigued by him.  She was not interested in playing along…just wanted to sit back and observe from afar.  At this point her tummy was still not feeling great so I took this time of relaxation as a good thing.  They had no clue that once in a bathtub, this girl goes crazy! 🙂

So yes, we are still struggling with her stomach.  She is officially off all formula and drinking Lactose Free milk.  I was hoping that would help settle everything but it hasn’t yet.  I am trying to keep her on the min. amount of milk as possible and get solids in her.  Sometimes it seems like she is getting better, then it seems like the milk goes right through her.  From online research we have found that it can take about 2 weeks to get better.  We are at 1 1/2.  So I know I just have to give it time.  We are also looking at finding a different pediatrician for multiple reasons.  But unfortunately in our area, good doctors are hard to find.  The ones we can find, are horribly over booked 😦

Jana had physically therapy again today.  Like I mentioned in the last post, Betty had me wait in the waiting area to see if taking me out of the picture might help a little.  At first I thought it worked!  But not too long into it Jana started screaming.  And screaming…and screaming 😦  When Betty went to get a washcloth to wipe her face, Jana instantly calmed.  She has this thing about putting fabric over her face.  It almost instantly calms her.  She grabs it and snuggles it to her nose.  She does this with anything from her baby dolls to her clothes.  So Betty allowed her to keep the washcloth in her hand.  Every once in a while Jana would cover her face, so Betty would use that as a time to play peek-a-boo.  There was still screaming happening, but Jana finally put more effort into what was asked of her.  Apparently me being there doesn’t help 😦

Tomorrow is the big kids last day of school.  Tomorrow evening we will be watching our oldest, Joey, walk across the stage as he graduates 8th grade.  I know Jana will be proud of her big brother 🙂