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She is obviously exhausted =/

Will she ever sleep through the night?!  She did from age 2 months – 9 months.  It was heaven!!  I should have enjoyed it more… She is now almost 13 months old and I can probably count how many times she’s slept through the night on one hand.  Sometimes I get it, she falls asleep for a nap late in the evening and wants milk at 3am.  But nights like last night, have me stumped.  She only took one long nap yesterday.  The excitement of her siblings home all day threw her off.  We were outside for about 2 hours in the evening and so I thought my chances of 6 straight hours were high.  She fell asleep around 10, Juan and I went to sleep around 11.

First wake up: 11:30 pm!  I gave in and went ahead and gave her a bottle.  Even though she had one just a measly 2 hours prior.  She fell back asleep.

Second wake up: 1:00am!  This time we tried to just pat her back to help her back to sleep.  That didn’t work.  I sat in the living room with her in her swing to see if that would help.  It didn’t.  Juan got up and rocked her back to sleep…that worked for a short time.  By 2:30 we gave in and she had more milk.

Third wake up: 3:30am!  Seriously I think this child is trying to wear me down so she can destroy me.  Absolutely no reason for this wake up.  I kept her in her crib and patted her back.  That seemed to work.  She was asleep by 4.

Fourth wake up: 6:15am!  We ignored her!  Juan got up for work and I desperately tried to sleep more.

By 7:20 she was waking up and falling back to sleep every 20 min or so.  At 8:15 she finally had enough and screamed for me.  I dragged myself out of bed and our day started.

I know when she is 3 we will be doing a sleep study.  Children with Down’s have a high chance of having sleep apnea.  But does this mean this will be my life for the next 2 years?!  I’ve tried everything to help and nothing works.

Honestly, I’m already at close to my breaking point.  These past few weeks with her being sick has really gotten to me.  I often feel like Juan and I are alone in this.  I have dear friends that I can go to for guidance and advice for her, but honestly, because they don’t have a child with Down’s, its often not the same.  The internet has been some help.  I’ll do as much research as I possibly can but each child with Down’s is completely different.  I don’t have a pediatrician that I even trust enough to call for advice and her specialist doctors are all 2 hours away.  I just want to make sure I am doing everything right for her and often times I feel like I fall short.  I second guess everything.  Because of her Down’s I’m never sure if it is something typical kids should go through or if something else is wrong.  There are TONS of books, I’ve read most of them, but yet I still feel so lost when it comes to her overall health and development.  Will I ever feel confident in what I am doing for her?!