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Its Gotcha Day!!

One Year ago…

Thursday June 25, 2015, 9:00 am – When she arrived I had no idea what to expect.  For 3 full days, I read everything I possibly could on Down Syndrome.  I tried to prepare myself for the absolute worst.  But when they brought in this tiny little beautiful girl, all I saw was perfection!  I didn’t know what to even do.  She was strapped in a car seat, and I remember asking the social worker if I was allowed to pick her up.  His response was “Of course, she’s yours!

About an hour and a half later, after lots of paperwork, the social workers left.  Leaving behind our new daughter.  The big kids were still at school and Juan had to leave to get the right size diapers and some more clothes.  Remember, we were originally told she was around 3 months old.  Instead she was a tiny one month old.  Only 7lbs.  So there I was alone with this tiny thing.  I fed her and she soon fell asleep on my chest.  I remember laying with her and soaking her all in.  I was in pure heaven.

That afternoon she had plenty of visitors.  Her grandparents, her great-aunt, our pastor and his wife, and a few more friends.  Most of these guest walked in totally unsuspecting that she would be there!  It warmed our heart to see them shower our new daughter with so much love.  Even though they were scared about the adoption process, they all accepted her and instantly fell in love.  Her big brothers and sister were so amazed by her!  It was like she was always their baby sister!

I would say I didn’t truly feel like her mommy til about 2 am that night.  I had just finished feeding her and she was once again asleep on my chest.  Juan was awake next to us and we were talking about how incredible this situation was.  I knew instantly, this is what I had been dreaming about!  My heart felt overfilled with love and I knew this beautiful girl would be forever mine.