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It’s been a little while since I’ve discussed Jana’s physical therapy and her developmental progress.  I think a part of me wants to be very selective about what I post about her.  See, every tiny milestone that she hits…is BIG!!  It is something that makes me almost cry as I watch her meet her goals.  I get so proud of her and so excited that she is improving.  My fear is that, when I share these moments, I’m scared that people will down play them.  I get it, she’s 13 months old now, most kids her age are running around.  It’s easy to just think “Well shouldn’t she be able to do that already?!”  But you see, the smallest milestone is huge for Jana.  Things that I never even thought to help the big kids to achieve, takes her weeks and weeks of therapy.  I am there when she gets so frustrated that she just can’t do it.  When she doesn’t understand how come her body just wont corporate with her.  My heart breaks when I see her being pushed and pushed and yet she still falls short.  I see the determination in her eyes.  I know she wants to do these things!  And when she finally does… I wish I could always capture how happy she is about it!  It’s so easy to see the pride in her eyes.  Like she is telling me “Look Mama I did it!!

So today I am giving you a small glimpse of the work Jana has been doing.  These videos are from the past two weeks…but this is what shes been working on for a few months.

The first is part of our in home therapy.  She has been working on sitting to standing.  Being able to pull her self up to standing position and hold it.

This next video was taken at physical therapy last week.  Jana goes twice a week and has been working on army crawling for a few months.  They want her to army crawl because it will help her not be so stiff and always straighten out, like she is known to do.

This last one was taken yesterday.  Jana was shown a toy and was expected to get to it on her own.  I was so proud of her determination!!  I hope you will be too!