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So.  This past weekend I celebrated my 33rd birthday!  It was a weekend spent with friends and family and nothing dramatic happened.  It was wonderful 🙂  I got to thinking, 10 years ago when I celebrated my 23rd birthday, Jaylen was 2 months old.  I was a mother of 3 and from our plan, done having kids.  See Jaylen had a lot of complications at birth and both her and I almost lost our lives.  Due to this, Juan and I agreed that it was best for us to stop having kiddos and just enjoy the craziness we had already.  We had no idea how many amazing unexpected turns our lives would be taking.  God is good!!

Recently Jana started making such cute faces.  She’s becoming more and more expressive…and so much more adorable!!  One of our favorites is her fishy face!  I always make fish faces to her to try to get a smile.  Last week, she started doing it back!  I’m telling you, its the cutest thing ever!!  I’ve honestly never seen a baby her age do this before!!  Of course she never does anything when I ask her to do it!  But we were able to catch it on video.  It finally happens at the end of the video 🙂

She is also getting stronger and stronger.  She is now army crawling more and more.  Her therapist said now we will start working on crawling on all fours.  When that happens I will definitely have my hands full!!  Just today she discovered she can almost escape her swing. (Yes, she is 1 and still uses a swing!  She’s tiny!!) She thought it was so funny that she was almost able to sit up completely in it.  Guess its time to pack up the swing.  It had a good run 🙂