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IMG_4681Ya’ll know that we have been struggling with getting Jana to sleep.  Last week we had one special “unicorn night” (It was a magical night where she slept a full 7 hours!)  But just like a unicorn sighting, those are very rare and almost unimaginable!  Currently she is averaging 10-12 hours of sleep in one 24 hour period.  The recommendation (according to WebMD) is 12-14 hours.  But I’ve also read that children her age should sleep 10-11 1/2 hours during the night.  Jana sleep around 7!  And not without getting up crying!  I know this can’t be good for her!!  She’s often very cranky and upset.  But just will not sleep!

IMG_4680We’ve been trying to get creative.  I recently purchased an aromatherapy body oil.  This contains Roman Chamomile (a soothing agent), Lavender (calming) and Patchouli (relaxation).  Every night I have been massaging it on her feet and legs.  The smell is very strong and actually Juan hates it.  The oils are suppose to absorb into her body and help create a more peaceful sleep.  Also, we have made bath time a more calming time.  We turn the lights very low and we purchased some glow in the dark toys for her to play with.  Her body oil gets added because it can be used in bath too.  We let her just sit and play in the warm water until she starts getting fussy.  Usually about 20 min.  Then she has her massage, (I am now adding masseuse to my resume!) gets her pjs on, I sing her a pj song I made up 🙂 and then we either let her play if shes hyper or snuggle with us.  It normally takes 1-2 hours for her to finally crash.  Bear in mind this is usually around 11:30 pm and Juan and I are just IMG_4685trying to stay awake!!  Oh and also a dear friend of mine purchased us a Lavender Bear.  It is filled with Lavender and flax seed.  Again, calming agents that are suppose to help sleep.  So basically our bedroom (yes she still sleeps in our room!!) smells like a spa!  You would think with all this we would see some improvement right?!  NOPE!!  No change at all!!

Last night was actually worse than she’s been!  She woke up crying 5 times!!  I am seriously just out of ideas now!!  We have her apt. in August to see the pulmonary specialist.  He will hopefully refer us to the sleep study.  But until then, I am running on a lot of caffeine and sugar!  Luckily it is summer so I can nap on the days when I can’t make it anymore.  But once school starts, that will be over!  If any of you have any possible, small idea that might help….please share them with me!!  With the exception of drugging her, we will try anything!!