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Yesterday Jana finally had her apt with the Pulmonary Specialist.  This is the guy we needed to see to get the sleep study referral.  Which we did!  Yay!!  But let me back track a little…

We started our day in San Diego…we took the kids to Old Town for the first time.  I used to go there all the time when I was little and thought it could kill a few hours.  They liked it…but I do have a 15 year old now.  He wasn’t all that impressed.  Peanut loved it!  She always loves being outside…but since we live on the face of the sun, she hardly has that chance.

Her apt was at 2:00 at Rady’s.  It was our first time there so we saw a PA first and then the doctor.  We had to fill out a questioner about her.  What a big slap in the face to remember she is adopted when you have to write Unknown on almost everything!  I guess that’s just IMG_4921part of the adoption problems.  Anyway, they instantly agreed that a sleep study would be helpful because Jana has some issues.  First, she has bad blood circulation in her legs.  There is nothing that needs to be fixed but if she is still for a while her legs do turn slightly purple.  I bet that explains why she is constantly moving in her sleep.  Second, she snores!  This could be a blockage in her airway or she might not be getting the oxygen she needs.  (And obviously the Down Syndrome itself is a reason to do the study!)  The doctor went over our nightly schedule with her to try to see what can be changed.  His diagnoses….we hold her… A LOT!  We hold her to rock her to sleep and apparently that is not allowing her to learn how to put herself to sleep.  So we IMG_4923hold her too much…*sigh*  I admit it, we do hold her quite a bit.  And yes, I probably over confiscate for the fact that I didn’t have her during her first month.  And Daddy loves his time with her before bed because he finally gets to cuddle with her.  The doctor wants us to time ourselves before we pick her up.  1 min, 2 min, 3 min, and so on.  Yes, she will cry…and we wait 😦  Honestly, not sure how well this will go.  I was never able to do this with the other kids…and when she starts crying…she screams!  She loved the doctor though and enjoyed everyone telling her how beautiful she is 🙂

Last night was HORRIBLE!!  She was almost awake literally all night!  After being outside all day in the beautiful San Diego weather and not taking her nap, we thought she would sleep like a rock!  No such luck.  It was literally the worst night I think we’ve ever had.  She was awake way more than asleep.  No IMG_4952matter what we did.  She just seemed uncomfortable.  As soon as we would get her to relax, she would wake up again crying.  This morning at 5 I finally gave in and had her come in bed with us.  Its pretty much impossible for her to sleep with us.  She moves WAY too much!  But apparently being in bed with mama and daddy is super fun!  She was laughing and playing with us.  Yes, it was cute and we were playing back.  But we were exhausted too!!  How she wasn’t I have no clue.  Around 5:40 she finally crashed.  It is now IMG_495410:30 am and she is still in bed!!  Its almost like she pushes her little body to the point of exhaustion and then just crashes.  Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury to sleep in every morning!  Praying we can get this sleep study done soon!!!