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So today I purchased these lovely shoes for peanut.  Even though she has literally 15-20 pairs of adorable, stylish shoes (that she hardly ever wears truthfully) sitting in her closet, I had to go purchase these plain white stiff high tops.  They obviously scream baby orthopedics and I’m sure many families purchase these for their little ones.  They are just not our style.  So why did I buy them?  Here’s why…

On Monday at physical therapy, Betty was going over her progress again with me.  We are focusing a lot of getting her to army crawl consistently but recently she has been getting up on all fours to try to crawl on her own!!  She is also been trying to pull herself up not only to her knees (like we had been working on) but also to full stand!!  Every time she does it she gets so proud of herself.  Its so awesome!!  Because of this, Betty suggested I purchase high top shoes with laces to help her little ankles out.

FullSizeRender-1Here’s the issue: typically when your child starts walking, the last thing that is suggested is putting shoes on their feet that will prevent foot movement.  Typically we them to feel natural and allow their toes to move and develop as they walk.  Which is why the moccasin shoes are such a hit (that and the fact that they are pretty cute)  Barefoot is always best!  Kids like Jana however, often have poor muscle tone in their feet, therefore, they will often curve their ankles and even walk on the sides of their feet instead.  Betty informed me that all of her children she’s worked with who have Down Syndrome have some type of issues with their feet.  Currently, Jana has a good arch (flat feet is pretty common), she does not have a wide gap between her toes (surgeries are often needed to help align the feet better) her feet naturally point up and straight the way typical kids do (pigeon toed)  So why worry about the support now?  To hopefully help prevent her from needing braces as she gets older.  This support now will help her feet stay in place the way they need to and allow her ankles to get stronger as she continues to develop.   FullSizeRender

The plan is to have her wear them throughout the day.  When I am working on her standing, when she is trying to crawl, when she is napping!  All this time will allow her body to one get used to the weight of these bulky shoes, and also, keep her feet in the correct position.  Truthfully so far she is not a fan of them.  I’ve had them on her now for 30 min and she hasn’t stopped pulling at them or trying to eat them lol!  It took me about 5 min to put them on her because she kept pulling away!  I’m hoping the more she has them on, the less of a struggle that will be.   IMG_5474

So for now, I need to put away her adorable squishy Vans, her soft leather moccasins and her tiny little ballet flats.  She will be rocking these and I’m sure will be looking as cute as ever!!