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Sitting in protest

This past week Jana has been making her therapist work!  She has not been cooperating and honestly, has been throwing a few tantrums here and there.  She has officially started army-crawling on her own pretty consistently.  Before rolling was her way to go…literally rolled EVERYWHERE!  But now she has realized that she can just push herself forward a little and get where she wants faster.  What does this mean for therapy?  We now instantly are forcing her to work on crawling on her hands and knees!  She is NOT happy about it.  Her therapist explained it to me like this, Jana’s mind has figured out first how to roll and now how to arm crawl.  In her head she knows how to get where she wants, shes good at it, and doesn’t need to change what she’s doing.  Prior to her army  crawling on her own, she didn’t mind us working on her hands and knees.  I find that so interesting!  As soon as her mind clicked and learned one task, she now fights moving forward to learn the next steps.


Refusing to move!

So here we are.  I am now forcing her to work throughout the day.  I have been getting a LOT of bad looks and some screaming.  But she’s doing it.  Still in her shoes all day…but now we’ve added a pair of high top Converse…cause well they are cuter 🙂  I’ve posted a few videos from her therapy.  For those of you who still think she always so sweet and quiet…you should have a look!  lol


Why Mother?!