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img_6778Today I had the honor of watching Jaylen give a presentation to her 5th grade class about Down Syndrome.  I was so proud of her, helping spread awareness and acceptance to one day make the world a better place for her baby sister.

When we first got Jana I was so worried Jaylen wouldn’t adjust.  For almost 10 years not only was she the baby of the family but the only girl!  I wasn’t sure she was prepared to make that adjustment.  But without a second thought, she adores her baby sister!  They are the best of friends and I am sure that will only continue  as Jaylen matures.

Since it is Down Syndrome awareness month, we thought it would be a good opportunity for Jaylen to share DS with her class mates.  Her teacher thought it was a great idea and welcomed us in.  Not only did Jaylen research DS herself, she also wrote out her speech with very little help.  She gave her presentation, showed a short video and then we both answered a ton of questions.  I wasn’t expecting that, but the kids were very interested in learning more.  They asked great questions and were very excited to see Jana.

I would like to think that Jaylen helped 32 kids become more accepting and open to befriending a child with Down Syndrome.  Her teacher now wants to talk to the principle and see if we can do it for the school too 🙂

Please watch the videos below 🙂