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img_7136It’s be awhile since I posted an update about how Jana’s therapy is going.  Since both crawling and raising herself on her knees are checked off, we are moving on to standing.  So far this transition has gone wonderfully.  Our therapist Betty said 9 out of 10 of her kids pick this up without issue or stress.  At first each time Jana stood, she had this look of pride on her face that was so amazing to see!  Now, I think she’s starting to get more confident in herself to do it, and just knows she can 🙂

Currently, they are teaching her how to stand up from sitting on a small stool.  At first I thought because this would be easier than from her on the floor.  But I was wrong.  Sitting on the floor allows her to shift her weight and get up a little easier.  From the stool, she is forced to use more of her upper thigh muscles.  You can try it yourself, sit on the floor and get yourself back up to standing position.  Then squat down as low as you can, and straighten back up.  Go do it…I’ll wait…

Did you feel the difference?  So basically if Jana can master that, standing from the floor will be even easier.  Actually last night (during game 7…Go Cubs!) she was climbing on me and actually put one of her feet down to shift up to stand.  Unfortunately she wasn’t wearing her shoes so she wasn’t very stable.  But it is still progress!

Yesterday, for her in-home-therapy we met at the local Center for Exceptional Children.  She got a chance to work in the Mobility room.  What’s that?  A room full of bright colored mats, tumbling squares and fun!  This is her second time using this room and each time she has a blast.  She has no clue that she is actually working hard while having fun.  So far this has helped cut back the tantrums and we’ve been having very successful therapy sessions!!

Jana is really working hard at this new stage.  I don’t doubt that any time soon she will master standing and start moving on to moving!  She doesn’t like to stay still all that much, so I am anticipating having my hands full when that happens!!