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We are currently in a tiny hospital room. Lights are dimmed, soft music is playing, and little peanut is asleep with about a zillion wires hooked up to her!  We are finally doing our sleep study. They need to have monitoring for at least 6 hours, meaning she can’t pull any wires off. She has to be asleep for at least 2 hours for them to get any findings, and it will take about 3 weeks for the results to get back.  There is so much pressure to get good results. This will help us see if there is any way she will sleep through the night. I am praying they find something!  Anything they can find to help figure out why she has so much trouble sleeping. 

We did get a break last night. Of course the night before her sleep study she decides to sleep 8 straight hours!  Don’t worry, we won’t get too used to it. Her sleeping through the night is kinda like finding a four leaf clover. You search and search and search, finally find one, after picking it, it withers and so your search starts all over again. Not sure if that analogy works. Remember I’m in a constant state of sleep deprivation. Bear with me. 

I do have to say, even though none of these wires are causing her pain (just a lot of discomfort) it is scary seeing her like this. The big kids never had anything like this done. But seeing your baby hooked up to so many monitors, is never easy. But it’s just another thing we have to do. Another thing that Down Syndrome brings to our lives. 

Praying we get some rest and some answers!!  Wish us luck!!