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image1Its Sunday morning.  Normally I would be at church, helping my hubby wrangle the kids for children’s church.  Jana would be with us, because we have a theory that each time she in nursery, she gets sick.  It’s probably false, but this girl looks at a hospital and shes sick for days 🙂  So why am I home, sitting on my couch while Jana is overly engrossed by an episode of Princess Elena/Sofia the First crossover (Thank you Disney Jr!).  I’m sick!  I’ve been coughing almost non stop for the past 4 days.  When I start to feel like its going away, it comes back with avenges!  We’ve been praying this doesn’t pass on to her.  So far so good, however she seems to randomly break out in a cough fit just to keep us on our toes.

Overall Jana has been doing pretty good.  I don’t feel like physically a lot has changed.  We are still working diligently to get her to stand on her own.  Once she’s up, she can stand like no ones business.  But getting that momentum up is her struggle.  I’m expecting her to just stand up in the middle of the room one day, holding on to nothing and just look at me like “What’s the big deal?  I’ve always known how to do this, just didn’t want to!”  She also has mastered sitting “criss-cross-apple-sauce” while reading.  She’s always kind of crossed her legs while sitting, but now its intentional in order for her to get closer to what she wants.  Her daddy was very impressed 🙂

We haven’t been having as much struggles with food lately either.  She seemed to just realize food was yummy and now wants everything.  Her morning staple is now 2 Eggo waffles.  Yes, 2 whole waffles!!  She throws a fit if I give her any less.  Unfortunately, she has discovered she can chew much better if she actually uses her 3 front teeth not just attempt to swallow her food whole.  This means, each bite I give her she takes it out and holds it to the front of her mouth to chew.  It takes forever!!!  This morning it took 35 minutes!!  I must be doing something wrong.  Isn’t the same as when your puppy training.  I mean, I’m suppose to let her eat as much as she can in 5 min and then move her bowl to the counter right?  Hmmmm….

Lastly, this coming Friday we have our ENT apt.  Not bad considering our original apt. was set for March 30th.  Helps when the doctor puts in a good word for you!  This will help us determine what steps we need to take with Jana’s sleeping issue.  He might be against surgery right now and we’ll take a different rout.  He might say she needs the surgery ASAP and get it all scheduled.  Both scenarios make me nervous!  She also sees her cardiologist next month for an EKG.  This will make sure the two small holes in her heart are closing properly and that surgery is not needed.  She sees her eye doctor in March, this will determine if glasses are needed yet.  We return to the Down Syndrome Clinic in April for her yearly check up.  And finally, another sleep study is scheduled for June.  Because the wait list is SOOO long for the study, her pulmonologist thought it would be good to get her on the books.  No matter what outcome comes form the ENT, a study will help see if treatment worked.  (Another night hooked up to millions of wires and very little sleep?  Sign me up!!)  She is a very busy girl!

img_8080OH!  One more big day up ahead!  The 28th of this month marks the one year anniversary of her adoption date!!  I’m not considering this her “Gattcha Day” because I feel like June 25th is that.  But it is still a day of celebration!  Planning all of Jana’s things: pancakes, Princess Elena, taking a walk in the stroller, playing some Peek-a-Boo and ending the day with a pile of french fries and Coconut Milk ice cream! (Sounds weird but its lactose free and honestly taste amazing!)  She’ll have a blast 🙂