Bye Bye Walker!

IMG_0936Yesterday Peanut said good-bye to the walker our Physical Therapist gave her about a year ago.  We walked into therapy with it, walked out without it!  No…this doesn’t mean she is walking on her own now!  But we transitioned to another “walker”  Even though she walked like a pro in her walker, our goal with Peanut has always been to move her into something that is more of a toy (baby stroller, cart, wagon) instead of the medical walker.  This will give her more independence as well as not draw huge arrows to her to show everyone that shes “different.”

Last week, while hanging out at our friends house, we had Peanut try out her daughters shopping cart.  I was worried it was going to be too tall or even tip a little and then she would be scared to try it again.  But nope!  It was perfect!!  She voluntarily pulled herself up on it and took a few steps.  Instantly we knew we needed one of our own!!

So we purchased the Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart  It is a little more pricey than we would normally pay for a toy.  However, it is super sturdy, wont tip and realistically because of her size, Peanut can use this for years!

I took it with us to Physical Therapy to show Betty and she loved it!!  She is even planning on purchasing one for her to use there.  Since this has been the only thing Peanut has ever walked with on her own, it is worth transitioning her to it full time.  So now my job kicks in!  We are helping her use the cart as much as possible.  Planning on taking it with us wherever we can and encouraging her to be more independent with it.

I was so proud that she has made this progress!!  I feel like we have been pushing her for this for forever!  This past month she has really found her strength.  There’s no way to determine how long she will still need assistance to walk, but she is heading in the right direction.  Part of me is terrified of her fully independent and running around everywhere!  She’s hard to keep controlled as it is 🙂

So be on the look out for us at the store if your a local.  You might just catch Peanut shopping on her own 🙂


Product Review: Oogaa Baby Spoons

For the past 2 weeks we have been working with Jana to start eating baby foods.  Her physical therapist was concerned that we would have difficulties with Jana eating.  You see, the majority of children with Down’s have a struggle eating solid foods.  This could be due to texture issues, enlarged tongue or small jaw, or low muscle control.  All these create struggles and stress for parents attempting to introduce solid foods to their child.  Thankfully, Jana has not had any of these issues.  She never struggled with her bottle so we were hopeful that solids would go just as smoothly.  I did however make sure I provided her with the best possible tools to help her on her way.  gplus-leaf-346-image-gpimg2

That’s where the Oogaa Baby Spoons came in!  These spoons are made from a high-grade silicone, which is not only chemical free but also soft enough for Jana to chew on without hurting herself.  But the thing that drew me to these special spoons was the textured underside that helps stimulate babies senses.  This has helped Jana transition much easier and she is even learning to open her mouth when the spoon comes her way.

I am now in love with this company!!  They also have teethers, bowls, non-slip mats and (my most favorite!) spoons that have trains and airplanes on them!  (“Here comes the train!  Choo-Choo” Get it 🙂 ) We already purchased a meal set to prepare for when Jana gets to eat “real foods.”  All their products are dishwasher safe and non-toxic.  They are a company that strives for quality over quantity and have helped make meal time fun!!  Check them out here: Oogaa Baby

By the way…I in NO way was asked to do this review.  We purchased these items on our own to help Jana with her progress.  I just wanted to share our love with you 🙂